If you’ve had your printer for an extended period of time? At some point, you’ll have to decide whether it’s worthwhile to keep your old work inkjet or laser printer. Because printers make their money by selling expensive ink cartridges, you may end up paying more to repair your tried-and-true equipment than it would to buy a new one. However, keeping that printer operational is likely to cost you more money than it is worth. Consider whether your old printer is still serving you or requiring you to service it.

1) Your printer is no longer capable of doing the job.

The primary function of a printer is to print. (Depending on the model, you might be able to copy, scan, or fax as well.) If your printer is no longer meeting your needs, it’s time to start looking for a device that can support your creative/professional endeavours. If your printer is not meeting your needs, look for the following indicators:

a) Does not provide the page yield you require.

b) Cannot accommodate the amount of paper required.

c) Working ceases, either partially or completely.

2) You are experiencing a bad performance.

If you’re constantly cursing your printer, it might be time for an upgrade. Every electronic device has flaws that cause it to perform slowly or poorly from time to time. If this is a daily struggle, you owe it to yourself to dispose of the old machine and begin again.

a) Slow print speeds could be the result of an older, slower printer model, or they could be an indication that internal components are failing. Your time is valuable in either case, and continuing to use a slow printer may not be worth the effort.

b) Print blemishes are usually caused by a faulty ink/toner cartridge; however, if you’ve changed the cartridge and are still not getting good print results, your printer is most likely failing. Look for lines, bars, and marks that do not improve after changing the cartridge and cleaning the printer.

3) The technology is outdated or outmoded.

What makes your printer any different? To keep up with new technologies, you update your computer, tablet, and smartphone every few years. Print technology has advanced at an incredible rate in the last 5-10 years, with newer models outperforming older models by a wide margin. Recently announced print speeds of up to 22-24 pages per minute (ppm) for inkjet printers and up to 75 ppm for certain business-class laser printers. Newer versions include scanners, automated duplex (double-sided) printing, and other advanced features.

Another significant disadvantage of using an older printer is that replacing obsolete parts can be difficult and expensive. Due to rapid technological advancements, even printer models from a few years ago may require some extra effort to obtain reasonable replacement components. If your printer is more than five years old, it’s time to replace it.

a) Older printers are more difficult to repair because parts become scarcer over time. You must pay for labour regardless of how easy or difficult it is to obtain replacement parts, so repairing your seven-year-old printer may cost more than purchasing a new one.

b) Older ink and toner cartridge models become obsolete as printer technology advances. Older cartridge models for a variety of printer models are difficult to find once the distributor ceases production.

4) There are symptoms that your printer is about to fail.

When you notice signs that your printer is failing, it’s probably the clearest indication that it needs to be replaced. There are several indicators that your printer is malfunctioning. Some printer problems are simple to fix, while others necessitate the purchase of new parts and labour. If you have any of the following signs of a failing printer, save yourself the trouble and replace it:

a) Constant clicking/grinding sounds – These may indicate a faulty gear or roller inside your printer, or they may indicate that your machine is nearing the end of its useful life. Call the manufacturer’s customer service number for assistance, but if you can’t find a quick fix, your equipment may need to be retired.

b) Frequent print errors – This could be the most obvious indication that your printer isn’t working properly. As previously stated, you can try manually replacing the ink/toner cartridges and cleaning the device. If your old printer is still producing ugly pages every time you print, you should think about replacing it.

You may be adamant about keeping your old printer, but a new one will provide better print quality and delivery — imagine how much better your documents and images will look! Look for new or used printers at Bizcopier Solutions Sdn Bhd, which offers both purchase and rental options.

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