Wireless technology is setting the standard for efficiency and quality in the printing industry. Wireless mini printers, which can link to many devices such as mPOS payment systems, tablets, and mobile phones, can help you save time and money while also allowing you to work on the go.

The following are the top five advantages of employing wireless printers in your business:

1) Mobility

Wireless printers enable users to operate on the go because there are no cables connecting the printers to a specific spot. This can be useful in a variety of industries, ranging from retail, where sales associates can set up more checkout sites during busy periods, to logistics, where haulage carriers must monitor the weight of their truck.

Businesses with a mobile workforce, such as health and safety inspectors, can profit from wireless technology as well, because employees can print their receipts, records, and findings right away rather than waiting to return to the office.

2) Accessibility

Rather than struggling to connect to your corporate server and download discs, our wireless printers work easily; whether it’s our Ap1600 model with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or our Ap1300 printer with just a Bluetooth connection. The benefits of a wireless network are limitless, as it allows your employees to print receipts, inspection data, tickets, and labels with a single click and return to their work with little to no interruption.

Wireless printers can also eliminate the requirement for Wi-Fi with iOS and Android technology, allowing mobile workers, public transportation drivers, and police officers to print no matter where they are.

3) Multifunctional

Wireless printers use thermal technology to connect to any device and produce high-quality labels, tickets, and bar codes quickly. Loaded with linerless or pre-cut labels, the printer can increase doctor productivity when writing patient notes, as well as provide major benefits to CSI teams, who can now directly manufacture evidence labels at crime scenes.

One printer can be used for many purposes depending on your company’s needs. While a retail manager may utilise a mini-printer for everyday receipt printing, they may also choose to use the same device to print tickets for an exclusive launch party or sale discount tickets, reducing equipment expenses.

4) Convenience

Because the printer is small and portable, workers can set it wherever it is needed, such as next to health and safety machinery and alarms, or even on clothing as a wearable device. The printers provide excellent space-saving solutions for better printing convenience, as well as the ability for multiple users to connect to a single device, further optimising resources.

Our printers are also designed to reduce waste, which is very important for events and conferences. Workers can print on demand because the printers do not need to be stocked with pre-printed tickets, avoiding the possibility of an unneeded surplus.

5) Cost effective

Wireless printers, when combined with a mPOS system, are as advantageous to small retailers, including start-ups and pop-ups, as they are to well-known companies.

With a small investment in a payment system and a mobile printer, business owners may accept card payments at events or set up temporary kiosks in existing businesses and cafés.

Wireless printers, despite their small size, have a considerable long battery life that can last up to a month on standby and can handle up to 100 metres of paper. This means you won’t have a big electrical bill and you won’t have to replenish every day.

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