Among the dangers and vulnerabilities described are:

1) Account/password flaws: Many devices come with easily observable or default administration accounts and configuration passwords.

2) Unencrypted data: Data transmitted or saved, including passwords, configuration settings, and data from stored jobs, is vulnerable to interception or change unless encrypted.

3) Data alteration/corruption: If passwords or configurations are modified, users may be unable to access or use the RD, documents or objects may be printed inaccurately, and the device may be damaged.

4) Old and/or unpatched software and firmware: Because many devices use an embedded operating system, they are vulnerable to the same dangers as any other computer running those operating systems. Furthermore, certain devices may have software or firmware that is not updatable or is no longer supported by the vendor, leaving unpatched security risks.

5) Open ports and protocols: These allow data to flow to and from a device. Open ports allow attackers to obtain undetected access to a device, resulting in data manipulation or denial of service.

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