Environmental protection is at the forefront of both domestic and international debate. As a result, many individuals wonder what they may do to limit trash creation in their daily life. The office has also been a site where massive amounts of paper have been used, copied, kept, and thrown away.


If you’re like most people, you do a lot of things around the house to reduce your carbon impact. You recycle, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and make every effort to avoid wasting water. Given how much time you spend at work, the workplace is equally vital. Here are some simple strategies to reduce paper waste:

1) Print Wisely
2) Double Side
3) Print By Page
4) Electronic Archives
5) Use Email


“I just like the feel of it in my palms.” This is a common reason for printing documents that did not need to be printed. Printing is so simple, and while some employees prefer to inspect an item on paper, printing items that will only be put in the recycle bin is wasteful.


Remember that your printer supports two-sided printing. It could be appropriate for formal documents. However, it is unquestionably helpful for internal purposes. Take a moment to draw down standards for two-sided printing to avoid confusion. Determine which documents should be printed on only one side and which can be printed on both sides.

Pro Tip: While double-sided printing reduces paper waste, it also takes slightly longer to print.


Print only those pages from a large document that you require. Even when paper archives are required, you may typically print just the signature sheets, saving you several pages of waste.


Many busy offices must archive information, but file cabinets aren’t the only way to preserve records. Paper archiving not only wastes paper and valuable workplace space, but it also makes searching and sorting more difficult. Paper is also more likely to deteriorate or become damaged over time.


Although email has become the major means of communication between employees and clients at business, many papers are still printed for dissemination for legal or practical reasons. With the RICOH CANON MFP touchscreen, you can simply scan and email crucial documents while saving paper.


Paper conservation in the workplace is a prerequisite for all environmentally conscientious companies. Many staff are excited about the prospect as well. Furthermore, it not only saves trees and other resources, but it also saves money. In some circumstances, technology provides the solution. Others have the option of adopting a new habit or practise that lowers paper waste. In any case, there are numerous ways to contribute and play your part.

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