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Over the years, office equipment has changed significantly. Manufacturers are constantly developing new tools to make your job easier. One such piece of equipment is the automatic document feeder.

We’ll go through the main advantages of an automatic document feeder in this post to discover if it’s a good fit for your office.

Ricoh Copier Auto Reverse  Document Feeder
Ricoh Copier Auto Reverse Document Feeder

The Benefits of Having an Automatic Document Feeder in Your Office

Document feeders are replacing flatbed scanners in a large number of offices. You scan a single document at a time with a flatbed scanner. You move on to the next document after scanning the first, and so on.

The paper is pulled through the machine by automatic document feeders. The scanner automates the document before proceeding to the next page. As you can expect, this technology has numerous advantages.

You can place the documents in the tray of an automatic document feeder and leave the rest to the machine. The technology is so quick that it can scan large amounts of data in a matter of minutes.

The speed doesn’t just allow you to prevent traffic jams. When you scan documents quickly, you’ll have more time to dedicate to other tasks. Just think of what you can accomplish when you have an extra hour or two to spend on other projects.

Scan the Front and Back of Pages With Ease

If you scan double-sided documents, you can get an automatic reversing feeder or a dual-scan document feeder. Both can quickly scan both sides of documents.

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