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Ricoh Copier Windows 11 New Features
Ricoh Copier Windows 11 New Features

7 new features included in Windows 11
Here are a few of the standout new features in Windows 11:

A new UI that is more Mac-like.

The Start menu and Taskbar are centred in Windows 11, which has a clean appearance with rounded corners, pastel colours, and a centred Start menu.

Android apps that are integrated.

The Amazon Appstore, which will be available from within the new Microsoft Store, will bring Android apps to Windows 11. There were a few methods to get Android apps on Windows 10, particularly if you had a Samsung Galaxy phone, but this is the first time it’s been done natively. (Note that Android apps will not be available when Windows 11 is first released.)


While widgets have been around for a while (remember desktop gadgets on Windows Vista? ), you can now access them directly from the Taskbar and customise them to show whatever you want.

Integration with Microsoft Teams.

Teams has a new look and is now pinned to the Windows 11 Taskbar, making it quicker to use (and similar to Apple’s FaceTime). Teams will be available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Better gamming with the Xbox Tech

To better gaming on your Windows PC, Windows 11 will include features similar to those present in Xbox consoles, such as Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

Better support for virtual desktops.

Windows 11 will allow users to set up virtual desktops in a manner more akin to MacOS, allowing you to switch between several desktops for personal, work, education, or gaming purposes. On each virtual desktop, you may also change the wallpaper.

Better multitasking and a smoother transition from monitor to laptop.

Snap Groups and Snap Layouts are new features in the new OS, which are groups of apps you’re using at the same time that sit in the Taskbar and can show up or be dismissed at the same time for simpler job switching. They also make it easier to plug and unplug from a display without losing track of where your open windows are.

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