A Managed Print Service (MPS) is a comprehensive approach to managing the print and imaging devices in a healthcare system’s environment. MPS providers work with healthcare organizations to optimize their print infrastructure, reduce costs, increase security, and improve workflow efficiency.

In the healthcare industry, MPS providers can help manage the large volume of printed materials generated in clinical settings. This can include everything from patient records and charts to lab reports and prescription orders.

Here are some benefits of a healthcare system’s MPS:

1) Cost Savings: MPS providers can help healthcare organizations reduce their printing costs by analyzing their print infrastructure and identifying ways to optimize it. This can include consolidating printers, implementing print rules to reduce unnecessary printing, and using cost-effective consumables.

2) Improved Security: Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to protect patient data, and MPS providers can help ensure that print devices are secure. This can include implementing secure print solutions that require users to authenticate before printing and tracking usage to identify any security breaches.

3) Increased Efficiency: MPS providers can help healthcare organizations improve their workflow by optimizing the placement of print devices and automating manual processes. This can include implementing document management solutions that allow for easy retrieval of patient information and reducing the need for manual data entry.

4) Environmental Sustainability: MPS providers can help healthcare organizations reduce their environmental impact by implementing sustainable printing practices. This can include using recycled paper and reducing the amount of printing by encouraging digital document sharing.

Overall, a healthcare system’s MPS can provide significant benefits for both patients and providers by reducing costs, improving security, increasing efficiency, and promoting sustainability.

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