Replacement of cartridges and drums on time can help laser printers provide the best print quality and performance for a longer period of time. While replacing two different consumables may appear to be a difficult chore, current laser printers are built to handle the procedure with ease.

Printer Cartridge

1) Turn on the laser printer – most printers require power to access the cartridge.
2) Open the main printer door – the technique varies each printer, but most require you to hold the release button and pull the lid. When the main printer door on the majority of printers is opened, the carriage will automatically glide to the machine’s right side.
3) Take the cartridge out of the printer. Depending on the model, you may need to disconnect the cradle that holds the cartridge or press a release tab.
4) Remove the new cartridge from its box, but leave the plastic covering in place.
5) Gently shake the cartridge to evenly disperse the toner throughout the cartridge.
6) Pull the coloured tab on the cartridge to remove the protective tape from the cartridge’s bottom. Insert the cartridge into the carriage; it should click into place securely.
7) Close the lid and send a test print through.

Printer Drum

If the performance of your laser printer is deteriorating, with blurry prints and black areas, it may be time to replace the printer drum.
1) Turn off the laser printer’s power at the mains and wait around 15 minutes for it to cool down.
2) Remove the cartridge by opening the main printer door.
3) Twist or press the locking mechanism to remove the drum.
4) Take the replacement drum out of the packing. Touching the image drum on the bottom of the cartridge may result in poor print quality.
5) Replace the cartridge and replace the drum in the printer.
6) Reopen the main printer door and power on the printer.

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