The newest Ricoh MPC series multifunction copiers include USB and SD card slots right on the control panel. You can scan to or print from discs or cards installed in these slots. This tutorial will show you how to scan to a USB device from your Ricoh copier. The processes for scanning to a USB drive from other Ricoh MPC series copiers are quite similar, however because most other MPC series copiers have larger screens, each of the buttons may be labelled differently.

To scan from a Ricoh Copier to a USB drive

1) Insert your USB drive into the USB slot on the right side of the operation panel. (You should see the blue light next to the USB slot come on; if it doesn’t, try reinserting your drive.)
2) Select Scanner from the Home screen, or press the Scanner hard key.
3) Select Send Settings, in the lower right corner of the screen.
4) Scroll down until you get to page 4 out of 5, then select Store File.
5) Select Store to Memory Device.
6) Select OK.
7) Scroll back up to page 1 out of 5 and choose any other options that you want to change (resolution, file type, color, etc.) then select OK.
8) Press the Start button.

A notification will appear telling you that the document or image is being scanned. Remove your USB drive just when you see the phrase “Writing Complete,” otherwise you risk damaging the data on the disc.

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