Photocopiers are an essential feature of most offices, and using one for the first time might be intimidating. It can be difficult to tell what does what with so many buttons and functionalities. However, once you’ve successfully photocopied something, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Because each photocopier is unique, we always recommend reading the handbook before attempting to copy, print, or scan anything. To make your life easier, we’ve produced a general step-by-step instruction on how to use a photocopier to assist you in mastering this ubiquitous office machine.

1) Turn on the Photocopier
The first and most crucial step is to ensure that the power cable is properly connected before turning on the machine by pushing the power button. The power button is usually on the machine’s face, although it can also be found on the side. It’s also worth noting that most copiers now offer a power-saving mode. If you see that the computer is turned on but not responding, push the sleep mode button to wake it up.

It’s also a good idea to check the paper tray, which is normally located at the bottom of the machine. Fill the empty paper tray with paper by carefully laying it on the tray. Overfilling it will result in clogs and complications later on.

2) Let the Photocopier Warm Up
If your business photocopier has a lot of different components and features, it will probably need a few minutes to warm up before it can work effectively. The same is true for older machines, as their warm-up rate is substantially slower. Although newer and smaller machines can warm up rapidly, it’s still a good idea to wait at least 3/4 minute for it to properly wake up.

3) Place Your Document on the Photocopier
Lift the photocopier’s lid to reveal a glass surface beneath. Place the document on the glass, with the front facing downwards. Typically, there will be some directions on the copier that you can follow to properly insert the document. Close the lid after the location is correct.

4) Choose the Number of Copies
The machine’s screen will then display an instructive menu, prompting you to select the quantity of copies required. Some photocopiers will display this as a list, while others would ask you to enter the number manually.

5) Choose the Colour Preferences
The following step is to select your colour preferences. Whether the copies should be colour or black and white. If the choice does not appear on the screen right away, click the menu button and then select settings. There, you can choose your preferred colour and save it for future copies. However, keep in mind that not all copiers offer this feature.

6) Choose the Paper Size
The final option is to select the paper size. Most advanced copiers feature many paper trays that can all store different paper sizes in case you need envelopes, posters, or other items in a variety of sizes. The standard paper size is 8.5 × 11 inches, sometimes known as A4 paper. If your copier lacks several trays, you can select the paper size from the settings menu and then feed the proper sized paper into the tray.

7) Hit the Copy Button
Finally, press the copy button to begin printing copies! This button is often located on the machine’s top.

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