MFP Copier

Simplified Display

Our operation panel is easy to view for elderly people and people with weak eyesight or color weakness since we have made the text of the main items at least 5 mm high and simplified the display button types and layout.
In addition, we have included a customize function to allow you to refine the functions and change the layout of the setting items to make viewing easier.

Paper Trays with Easy Opening and Closing

Easy to Pull Out

Our paper trays have a nice grip and can be opened by both normal and reverse grip. Paper trays are easier to access and will prevent from operator bending down as much to replace paper. Loading the paper will become a simple task.

Easy to Close

The paper trays are fitted with a mechanism to pull them in automatically, so you can load the paper both safely and silently.

Easily Reachable Original Placement

Height facilitating operation also by wheelchair users

Models with two or three paper trays can be used at the optimal height for wheelchair users.
Moreover, compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the EN 301 549 standard means our products are designed with wheelchair users in mind.

  • *The maximum height specified in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is 1220 mm. (When the operation panel is 255 mm or less from the vertical reference plane)

Tiltable Operation Panel

Tiltable Operation Panel and Operation keys

Our operation panel can be tilted with angle allowing less effort usability for the people with wheelchairs to operate the panel. By offering tiltable operation panel, we have made it easier for the people with wheelchairs to operate.
In addition, characters are presented in a simplified original universal font which is easy to identify for all.

Operation panel providing easy recognition for everybody

Both the LEDs and LCD incorporated into the operation panel are designed in consideration of people with color vision deficiency.
The luminescent colors of the LEDs are easy to see for people with color vision deficiency.
Standards are set for the LCD text, and the contrast ratio is in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the EN 301 549 standard.

Single Hand Toner Replace

Toner Bottle can be replaced with single hand

Our toner bottles are designed for easy-to-remove and the user is capable of replacing the toner with single hand.
In addition, the shape of the bottle is different for each color; therefore, this prevents from placing the wrong toner bottle into the wrong location.

Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh copier support solutions

Multifunction printers, new and pre-owned models, and copiers to suit all budgets and office sizes

Choose from warranty models to suit your unique needs

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