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Ricoh Copier Mouse DPI bizcopier
Ricoh Copier Mouse DPI bizcopier

When searching for a new mouse, one of the most common characteristics you’ll come across is the Mouse DPI, or dots per linear inch, which is a typical way to assess mouse sensitivity. It’s not always obvious how DPI affects the performance of a gaming mouse and your experience with it.

What is DPI?

Dots per inch (DPI) refers to the way a computer mouse measures physical distance. Because dots aren’t used as part of the procedure, the more technically correct term is CPI, or counts per inch. However, because DPI is the abbreviation you’re more likely to see when comparing alternatives, we’ll use it from here on.

The measurement of the speed at which a mouse cursor moves on-screen in relation to the distance a user moves the mouse is referred to as DPI. For example, if you move your mouse an inch to the right with a low DPI and then an inch to the right with a higher DPI, the cursor on-screen will move further in the second example, despite the fact that the distance covered by the mouse’s sensor is the same.

To be clear, DPI is merely a measurement of that physical relationship; it has nothing to do with the precision of the mouse or the sensor’s accuracy.

The pointer moves faster and feels more sensitive as the DPI increases. Isn’t that easy?

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