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Ricoh Copier MySJ Trace bizcopier
Ricoh Copier MySJ Trace bizcopier

MySejahtera Trace(MySJ Trace) is a new government feature in the MySejahtera application to use bluetooth technology was used to detect near contacts of positive Covid 19 instances.

Users must always activate the Bluetooth function of the device to ensure the effectiveness of actions to detect close contacts with positive cases of Covid-19 infections.

When a person’s Covid-19 status is confirmed, the MySejahtera programme will send a notification asking for permission to share the details of close contacts. And, if the individual consents, MySejahtera will give the Department of Health access to the information of close contacts in order to do a risk assessment

public is also advised to update their MySejahtera application.

Furthermore, the government will disable the “checkout” function in the MySejahtera application using this new MySJ Trace feature.

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