You can better determine your requirements once you understand the differences between multifunction printers and standard copiers. In today’s market, where the ability to

A good printer is required in the office to handle a variety of tasks. These all-in-one machines will function as copiers, scanners, and fax

1) Can the photocopier your company is considering handle the required capacity?Photocopiers in the form of multi-function printers come in a variety of sizes

Even in this ostensibly digital age, many offices still rely on copiers. This is primarily due to the fact that many businesses still find

The factors listed below are by no means the only ones to consider when purchasing an office machine. Because your company may have specific

You can only get service or repairs for your copier from a company that supports your specific brand. Printing technologies and parts differ greatly

KEEP CUSTOMERS LOYALKeeping your customers satisfied with your services or product is non-negotiable. If customers are unhappy, they won’t just leave you, they’ll be

A photocopier copies a physical document without using a computer network. In contrast, a printer allows a user to send documents from a computer

According to a recent Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends survey of office users, 11″ x 17″ paper capability is a top factor for only 5.6% of those

Increase productivity, reduce communication errors and eliminate the wasted expense associated with outdated, pre-printed documents.Users can store commonly used forms and frequently accessed files


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