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Ricoh copier PC Monitor bizcopier
Ricoh copier PC Monitor bizcopier

The PC monitor is a window into the spirit of the computer. Everything you do on your computer will seem unappealing if you don’t have the correct display, whether you’re gaming, viewing or editing photographs and video, or simply reading text on your favourite websites.

Determine the main usage of your monitor: gaming, professional work, or general use. Gamers should prefer rapid refresh rates and quick response times, professionals should focus colour accuracy, and regular users will often choose a monitor with a high-contrast VA panel despite having less specialised needs.

-The better the picture, the greater the resolution.
The resolution of a monitor indicates how many pixels it has in a width x height format. The minimum resolution is 1920 x 1080 (also known as 1080p, Full HD (FHD), and HD). However, images will be sharper in QHD and even sharper in 4K.

-The higher the refresh rate, the better.
This is measured in hertz and shows you how many times your monitor updates with new information each second (Hz). Images with larger numbers are better, smoother, and less choppy. Gamers, in particular, will desire a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 75 Hz (most gaming monitors offer at least 120 Hz), as well as the shortest response time possible. If you’re not gaming, a refresh rate of 60 Hz should sufficient.

-Response times
Faster is better, but unless you’re gaming, it’s not a significant deal. The response time of a monitor indicates how long it takes for individual pixels to shift from black to white or, in the case of GTG response time, from one shade of grey to another. When gaming or watching fast-paced videos, longer response times might cause motion blur. The fastest game monitors can have a response time of 0.5ms, while the fastest gaming monitors can have a response time of 5ms.

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