In most offices, a broken photocopier causes severe logistical problems as well as a great deal of frustration. Furthermore, due to the complexity of most modern technologies, repairs might be prohibitively expensive. Because of all of these considerations, it is usual practise to have a photocopier service or maintenance contract in place, so that a third party will take on the duty of ensuring the copier is kept in excellent working order for a pre-arranged monthly cost.

The arrangements for photocopier maintenance contracts vary, but if you lease or rent your photocopier, you will almost certainly be obligated to an ongoing service plan, so make sure you have read all of the fine print. Regardless, the following information should give you a clearer understanding of the types of conditions and degree of service to expect.

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Photocopier Maintenance & Servicing Contract Considerations

Consider the following points while evaluating contracts:

  • Will you be charged a fixed monthly fee, a fee dependent on usage volume, or both?
  • How long will it take to dispatch a technician if the photocopier fails?
  • Will the contract pay for parts and labour if the photocopier has to be repaired?
  • How much will photocopier consumables (toner, ink, etc.) cost?

Typical Photocopier Service Contract Terms

A typical photocopier contract will charge you a predetermined monthly rate plus an additional fee for each page produced in excess of an agreed-upon limit. This is because a machine that is used frequently will certainly require more consumables and maintenance than one that is used infrequently.

Similar to mobile phone contracts, there are usually a variety of price plans to pick from, ranging from those with extremely cheap monthly rates, lower copy limitations, and greater expenses per extra page to those with comparable high monthly fees and unlimited copier use.

As previously said, a damaged photocopier would cause problems in any office, especially since it’s pretty common to have a combined photocopy and printer. To minimise the disturbance, every good maintenance contract will include a response time within which the supplier is required to dispatch a specialist. It is not uncommon for this to happen the same day or even within a few hours, assuming the supplier is contacted between specific periods.

It should also specify who will pay for components and labour and under what conditions. However, this will vary greatly depending on who owns the photocopier and should therefore be considered well in advance of acquiring a copier entirely.

Alternatives to a Photocopier Maintenance Contract

It is uncommon, but in some situations, an extended warranty for your photocopier is available. This is usually only applicable to less expensive devices where it is not economically advantageous to enter into a service contract.

Extended warranties typically cover significantly less than a typical service contract, and a specialist is unlikely to be dispatched to your business. As a result, depending only on a warranty will almost always result in lengthy delays while your copier is shipped away for repair.

In other circumstances, a pay as you go contract can be arranged, with charges payable only if the photocopier requires servicing. However, because call out and repair expenses are often higher and thus you incur a bigger financial risk, this type of arrangement makes more sense for cheaper machines or ones that are only used at a fraction of their capacity. However, because to the ease and safety-net it provides, the servicing contract is almost as important as the photocopier itself in most circumstances.

Compare Photocopier Servicing & Maintenance Quotes

The material on this page is intended to give organizations some insight into the options available for photocopier maintenance and servicing. It should also be obvious that investing in a high-quality service is critical if you want to ensure that your copy machine continues to perform optimally.

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