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There are many various types of photocopier on the market today, each with its own set of functions. Here is all you need to know about type of Copier

Monochrome or black-and-white Photocopier .

black and white mono photocopier
black and white mono photocopier

Monochrome (mono) photocopiers, sometimes known as black-and-white photocopiers, use just black toner. Mono photocopiers are typically used in offices and available in a variety of capacities, ranging from low to high volume.

Colour photocopier

Colour color photocopier ricoh
Colour color photocopier ricoh

The colour photocopier can produce a rainbow of prints if you’re seeking for something other than black and white. The CMYK spectrum is made up of four drums and four toner reservoirs, or cartridges, that contain the colours cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Color photocopiers can make almost any colour combination using these four ink.

Analogue photocopier

 analogue copier type
analogue copier

While older-style photocopiers are largely being phased out due to mechanical problems, you can still choose an analog photocopier if you’re interested. This photocopier reflects the image of the document onto a photoreceptor using lights, lenses, and mirrors. However, keep in mind that maintenance and replacement components will become increasingly difficult to purchase.

Desktop photocopier

These are compact photocopiers that, as the names indicate, can fit on a desktop. They can usually only function with A4 copies because A3 requires more mechanization, which would increase the size of the photocopier. The advantage of desktop photocopiers is that you can typically add paper trays if you need them, although this will increase the height of the photocopier.

A3 photocopier

If you know you’ll be doing A3 photocopying before you buy something, keep away of the desktop and head straight for the A3 photocopier. A3 paper is commonly used to print posters, spreadsheets, and various marketing materials.

Network photocopiers

A network photocopier is a great option if you need a photocopy that can link to several devices, such as in a school or company. Everyone can print and scan wirelessly if all of the computers are connected to the photocopier via a network. An IT manager will be able to keep track on how many photocopiers are being used.

Digital or multifunction photocopiers

With the exception of the analog photocopier, most of the photocopiers mentioned so far are multifunction photocopiers. They can basically photocopy, as you’d expect, but they can also scan, print, and fax… Although, in today’s world, faxing is becoming outdated. Many individuals mistakenly refer to multifunction photocopiers or printers when they say “photocopier.” Multifunction Products or All-in-One Printers are other names for them. Modern multifunction units are network-connected, enabling for scanning to email, folders, USB devices, and other devices.


Now that you have a better understanding of the many types of photocopiers, determine which one you think will work best for you, and then consult with a reputable photocopier supplier to ensure you get exactly what you want. You want a photocopier that can handle all of your copying and printing needs while also staying inside your budget. It’s also a good idea to inquire about after-sales maintenance and assistance.

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