How important is office security to you?

If it’s not already a priority, this statistic could move a few places on the list:
A study conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that organizations 68% have experienced one or more endpoint attacks affecting their data and/or their IT infrastructure.

Security breaches can come in many forms, but one of the most common ways hackers enter networks is through printers.

There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself from cyberattacks on your printer, but perhaps nothing can prevent an attack more quickly and effectively than updating your device’s firmware, described in this blog.

We have been in the printer/copier industry for almost 40 years, and one of the major trends over the past decade has been the increasing importance of printer security as a matter of concern for organizations that handle sensitive data.

Like a tornado or a hurricane, printer security breaches can come out of nowhere and wreak havoc on those who were unprepared. I want to share some proactive steps you can take now so you don’t get caught off guard later.

Once a cyberattack occurs, it is difficult to stop and can cause great economic damage.

The first step in securing your printer is to update its firmware. But what exactly is firmware? Before we get into why it’s important to update your firmware, and how you actually do it, let’s look at that question first.

What is firmware?
firmware is a hard-coded language that machines need to communicate processes. Firmware is necessary for the operation of the device itself, as it decodes and provides instructions from the computer to the printer.

Firmware is your first line of defense against security breaches, and not applying the latest firmware updates to your printer will make your printer more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

To put firmware into context, think about your smartphone. The phone itself and its accompanying applications require frequent updates to fix technical issues or add additional features that will heighten its productivity.

Firmware updates for your printer work in the same way, and it is precisely why they are so important to install on your device:

4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Keep Your Firmware Updated
There are many things firmware updates can do for your device, but here are the four main reasons why it’s important to have the latest firmware update for your printer:

Gives You the Latest Printer Security Features
As mentioned previously, one of the major advantages of having the latest firmware update for your printer is it gives you the newest security features that will further enhance your device’s security mechanisms.

For example, Xerox (who we partner with) has multiple security features like McAfee’s Whitelisting Technology and Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) that you might not be able to get if your device doesn’t have the latest firmware update.

New security features are essential to equipping your device with the latest technology to combat intrusions and shore up any vulnerabilities with your printer.

Fixes all features that may not work properly
Since the firmware acts as a communication between the printer driver and the printer, this interpretation via programming code is a bug that may affect the device or can lead to minor problems.

Just like with phones, updating printer firmware can fix technical bugs

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