Configure the network settings in [System Settings] according to your environment and how you will be using the machine.

The following procedure explains connecting this machine to an IPv4 network using Ethernet cable.

Find IP machine.

  1. Go to your PC and type [Command Prompt]
  2. Type [ipconfig] and press Enter.
  3. There will show [IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask & Default Gateway]. Take note the [Subnet Mask & Default Gateway].
  4. Type [ping]- example, 192.168.0- network, 88- host. You can change the host number but network you can’t change. If what you ping is [Destination host unreachable] that’s mean the IP is free to use for machine. Make sure before you ping the network is same as [IPv4 Address].

To Submit the IP to Machine

  1. Press the [User Tools/Counter] key, and then press [System Setings].
  2. Press the [Interface Settings] tab.
  3. Press [Machine IPv4 Address] to submit the machine’s IPv4 address that you ping and get unreachable, and press OK.
  4. Press [Machine IPv4 Address] again to submit subnet mask, and press OK.
  5. Press [IPv4 Gateway Address] and then submit the IPv4 gateway address, and press OK.
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