Which four industries are ideal for MPS?

MPS may assist firms in increasing efficiency, lowering print expenses, lowering capital investment, improving information security, and much more.

However, how might MPS assist your company in your industry?

There are a few commonalities in the difficulties MPS can help tackle in each of the industries listed below.

Among the most prevalent issues are:

  • Data security
  • Workflow
  • Print Costs
  • Print Waste

Now that you’re aware of the various issues we’ll face as we navigate each business. Let’s look at four industries that could profit from print management.

1) The Education Industry.

Every day, schools print thousands of documents and pieces of schoolwork. The cost of printing will differ from school to school.

Out of necessity, most educational institutions have maintained and aided their own printing processes.

It might be difficult to minimise expenses, enhance print workflow, and reduce paper waste without a working knowledge of the equipment.

If the administrative staff or the school’s IT department is in charge of maintaining and monitoring the printers, you may be stretching your resources thin. Due to a lack of staffing, this can cause disruptions and delays.

An MPS supplier may manage and control your print environment, relieving your personnel of this responsibility.

With MPS, your school can convey its print challenges, needs, and goals to a managed print provider, who can then tailor print solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.

Consider how an MPS provider can customise a print solution for you.

Assume you are the principal of a co-ed high school that has five multifunction printers on lease. Your main issue is paper waste and ordering too many print consumables such as ink toner for your devices.

A managed print supplier would first evaluate your equipment using a data tool such as FMAudit. This utility will display the device’s usage, ink and toner levels, and overall health.

Then, an MPS provider will assist in developing a print strategy and recommending print solutions that can maintain the device’s health, offer the necessary consumables, and permanently decrease paper waste.

Installing a secure print application on each device could be one approach. Users can only release a print job through this application once they are physically present at the machine by swiping their badge or entering a PIN.

An MPS supplier will also implement an auto-supply replenishment technology. When it detects that your device’s ink or toner levels are low, this tool will re-order the necessary supplies.

After communicating your needs to a managed print provider and having your print environment reviewed, your print environment can experience significant improvements in workflow, as well as a reduction in paper waste and print expenses.

2) The Medical Industry.

There are specific issues in the healthcare business that managed print services can assist with. These particular issues include ensuring that patient records are maintained confidential and that documents are shared seamlessly between insurance carriers.

This is when managed print services can come in handy.

By reviewing your print environment for potential security concerns, monitoring your print environment, and implementing app-based secure print solutions on each device, MPS may assist boost security and safeguard patient confidentiality.

How can secure printing assist?

Installing a secure print function based on an app on each device ensures that only authorised personnel can read and print specific documents. Moving forward, the safe print application makes it easy to avoid unintended errors and security threats.

Assume you are a healthcare professional who is transmitting billing information, transferring records, or creating copies of patient data. In that instance, a secure print application will need a user to enter their security code or swipe their security card in order to access or release a document for printing.

However, how may managed print services benefit the healthcare industry?

With constant access to a managed print provider, your print environment will be actively monitored, periodically tested for hardware and software faults, and you will have remote and onsite helpdesk support.

Furthermore, after assessing the health of each printing device, an MPS provider will analyse high-traffic regions and produce a report of under and over-utilized print devices.

They can then indicate which equipment should be relocated to another section of your facility. They can also advise on which devices should be replaced with newer models in order to optimise workflow and reduce print expenses.

Managed print services in hospitals and the healthcare industry can help practises of all sizes create value.

3) The legal profession.

Managed print services can help your law firm’s fleet of printers and copiers run more efficiently while lowering print expenditures.

How? Break-fix support, routine onsite maintenance checks, and helpdesk assistance are all provided by an MPS supplier.

Because managed print services have a single monthly charge, a legal firm may build a consistent budget around them. This can help to ensure that defective or outdated gadgets do not result in additional costs.

Managed print services can assist legal firms stay ahead of any printing issues, replace outdated devices, and seek for cost-cutting opportunities by managing each device.

4) The Financial Services Sector.

Every transaction in the financial services business involves paperwork.

Even if e-sign and other electronic forms are gaining popularity in the banking and legal industries, physically printing a document or form is still required.

When it comes to printing in the financial services industry, there is a substantial level of confidentiality to consider, just as there is in other industries. Assume printing machines are not properly controlled and are unable to securely handle or exchange consumer data. In that instance, there may be industry fines and other concerns down the road.

Furthermore, in the financial services industry, the bottom line must be considered.

Managed print services can assist financial services firms by performing a print audit that examines current print expenditures by device and recommends strategies to minimise print costs.

MPS is a perfect fit for this sector because it may assist clarify a future plan.

Assume your financial services company wants to become more financially and security-conscious.

To help you print safely and ethically, an MPS supplier will recommend print management software such as uniFLOW or PaperCut.

These technologies can assist administrators in establishing print controls on each device to reduce over-printing. They even include secure print options such as Follow-You printing to reduce the possibility of unauthorised staff accessing or printing a confidential document.

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