Organizations facing document management challenges endure a 21.3% loss in productivity. Whether it be an inability to find documents or not having a centralized location to store and access paperwork, these issues cause worker aggravation and hinder customer satisfaction.

Document scanning integrated with a document management system can alleviate the hassle of managing paperwork. It helps businesses achieve enhanced invoice management, better security controls, and greater efficiency.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of document scanning.

Save on Office Space

Every square inch of your office space matters. Ideally, you’ll use it to hold meetings with clients and carry out projects. If you’re using it to store paperwork, this decreases your cash flow by increasing your overhead expenditures. Document scanning takes away the need for rows and rows of filing cabinets. You can use this saved space to increase project activity and boost revenue.

Improved Data Security

It’s incredibly difficult to protect paperwork when it’s in its original form. At best, you can store it in a file cabinet with a lock. With document scanning, you can store digital versions of the paperwork in a program using encryption and password protection and then shred the paper copies.

Access Via the Cloud

Enjoy convenient access by scanning documents and having them automatically uploaded to a cloud-based document management system. This means even when you’re away from the office, you can log into the system and search for digital copies of the paperwork. Imagine being able to instantly access documents on the go; this will significantly increase productivity.

Easy to Share

With a cloud-based document management system, you can easily scan documents and share them with employees and clients from around the globe. Gone are the days of having to print paperwork and wait for the recipient to receive it days or weeks later by postal mail. All it takes is one time scanning the document to upload it to the cloud and share it across a variety of platforms.

Better Audit Compliance

Audits are stressful, especially when you have to go searching for missing or misplaced paperwork. With document scanning, you can easily search through the indexed files and quickly locate the exact documents requested during an audit. Document scanning reduces the risk of incurring penalties or fines for lost files.

Mitigate Disaster Recovery Issues

What would your business do if its building was destroyed by a fire or flood? This situation alone is overwhelming, particularly if you lose all paperwork and don’t have digital copies of it. Document scanning mitigates disaster recovery issues by making it simple to reproduce paperwork even when the hard copies are destroyed. To ensure you have full access to the copies even if the hardware they are stored on is destroyed, you’ll want to take advantage of cloud-based document management.


Document scanning increases productivity in the workplace and gives you peace of mind that your critical files are secure. Additional benefits of document scanning include streamlining the move to a new office location, simplifying growth and expansion processes, and staying productive even when layoffs occur. Don’t leave your documents at risk by keeping them in their original form, start scanning your documents now!

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