With the advent of the Internet and, later, email, the fax machine fell out of favour in the sphere of communication. It had been relegated to the hall of fame alongside many other sorts of obsolete communication technology, such as snail mail and telegrams. After the Web wave took off, scanning a file and then e-mailing it to a customer was the favoured method of distributing a physical document across long distances. However, the fax machine did not take this kind of news sitting down.

Every day, fax machines are still used by many enterprises all around the world. There are numerous advantages to faxing documentation that are commonly overlooked by younger generations yet have significant commercial benefits. These favourable qualities include:

  • Obtaining Hard Copies – Nothing beats receiving a hard copy of a file. Email is fantastic for transmitting attachments, but it is still necessary to print the attachment in order for it to materialise physically. This is done automatically via fax.
  • Faxes are Quick – Faxes are delivered instantly all around the world. This mode of data communication is useful when access to email or a file share is unavailable or impractical.
  • Relatively Lower Cost – At the moment, fax machines are relatively inexpensive, and many are part of multifunction devices. If you are already planning on purchasing a printer and scanner, you should consider adding a fax machine for a very minor investment.
  • Faxes are quite simple to set up – Setting up a fax machine is a simple affair. As previously stated, a fax machine can be added to your existing equipment. A dedicated phone line is required to install a fax machine otherwise.
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