Tips : 6 Ways to Make Your Old PC Feel New Again

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Ricoh Copier PC New Bizcopier

A nice computer is obviously costly, yet it can sometimes feel as though the purchase isn’t worth it. Many laptops and PC s become slow after a few years of use. Here is some tips on making your computer feel new again.

-Delete unnecessary files
When your hard drive starts to run out of space, performance issues begin to appear.

-Limit your multitasking
Numerous modern apps running in the background, each doing multiple things at once, may be a thing of the past for your old laptop, and all those open Chrome tabs are likely decreasing your productivity.

-Reset your system to its default settings.
resetting the device to factory defaults Essentially, the entire hard disc is erased and the operating system is reinstalled. This procedure will offer your machine a fresh copy of the software, free of any unnecessary data that may have been clogging it up.

-Clean out the fans
You can end up with an overheating CPU if the fans aren’t able to pull in enough cold air and push out enough hot air. Which is not going to help your performance.

-Replace the HDD with an SSD
It’s possible that your hard drive would be at fault if your computer takes forever to boot up or you have to wait a long time for apps to load.Just simply replacing the HDD with an SSD would solve the problem.

-Upgrade your RAM
Your computer’s RAM allows it to perform numerous tasks at the same time. The more RAM you have, the more tasks you can complete simultaneously. If you’re still using the RAM that came with your computer, you’re probably time for an upgrade.

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