Tips and hacks for Better Copies Every Time

Before you copy:

  • Choose the right settings. Make sure to select the correct paper size, copy mode, and resolution. If you are unsure of which settings to use, consult the photocopier manual.
  • Clean the document feeder and platen glass. Any dust or dirt on the document feeder or platen glass can cause the copies to be blurry or smudged. Simply wipe down the surfaces with a soft, dry cloth before you copy.
  • Use high-quality paper. The quality of the paper you use can have a big impact on the quality of your copies. For best results, use high-quality copy paper that is designed for your photocopier.
  • Separate any stapled or clipped pages. Stapled or clipped pages can cause the photocopier to jam. It is best to separate the pages before you copy.
  • Orient the pages correctly. Make sure that the pages are oriented correctly in the document feeder or on the platen glass. If the pages are not oriented correctly, the copies will be upside down or sideways.

While you are copying:

  • Adjust the brightness and contrast. If the copies are too light or too dark, you can adjust the brightness and contrast settings on the photocopier.
  • Use the zoom feature. If you need to enlarge or reduce the size of the copies, you can use the zoom feature on the photocopier.
  • Use the duplex feature. If you need to copy both sides of a document, you can use the duplex feature on the photocopier. This will save you time and paper.

After you have copied:

  • Collate the copies. If you copied multiple pages, you can use the collate feature on the photocopier to collate the copies in the correct order.
  • Staple or clip the copies. If needed, you can staple or clip the copies together.
  • Recycle the original document and any scrap paper.


  • Use a coin cleaner to clean the document feeder and platen glass. A coin cleaner is a small, soft brush that is designed to clean delicate surfaces, such as the document feeder and platen glass on a photocopier.
  • Use a whiteboard eraser to clean the rollers. The rollers on a photocopier can become dirty over time, which can cause the copies to be smudged. To clean the rollers, simply wipe them down with a whiteboard eraser.
  • Use a piece of paper to remove jammed paper. If the photocopier jams, you can use a piece of paper to carefully remove the jammed paper. Be careful not to damage the photocopier.
  • Copy to a PDF file instead of to paper. If you need to save a document electronically, you can copy it to a PDF file instead of to paper. This can save you paper and time.

By following these tips and hacks, you can get better copies from your photocopier every time.

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