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Ricoh Copier Battery Life Bizcopier
Ricoh Copier Battery Life Bizcopier

We could talk about Android battery life all day, but the quickest method to improve the battery life longevity of your phone is to change the screen settings.

First ,lower the screen’s brightness (either in the Quick Settings panel that comes up when you swipe down twice from the top of your screen or in the Display section of your system settings). The display consumes the most power of any component on your device, thus the lower you can set it, the longer your phone will last between charges. If your phone runs Android 9 or higher, search for an Adaptive Brightness option that adjusts the brightness level for you based on your current environment.

Second, reduce the value of your “Screen timeout” setting (also in the Display section of your system settings) to the smallest possible value. The less time your phone’s screen is turned on when you aren’t using it, the less battery power it consumes.

Finally, if you have Android 10 or higher, check for the Dark Theme option in the same area of your system settings. Darker colours use less power than the bright colours found in most interfaces by default, so switching to the Dark Theme all of the time or on a sunset-to-sunrise schedule should significantly increase the life of your phone’s battery.

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