Tips : Make Copies Using Printer in Various Functions

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Copies Using Printer with Various Functions
  • You can make copies using printer in full color. You can switch the color copies mode depending on the type of originals used and the desired finish.
  • Printer can print stamps on copies. Stamps can include background numbers, scanned images, dates, and page numbers.
  • In printer can adjust the color tones and image quality of your copies.
  • Also can reduce or enlarge the copy image. Auto Reduce / Enlarge function enables the machine to detect the original size automatically. Also, it enables the machine to select an appropriate reproduction ratio based on the paper size you specify. If the orientation of the original is different from that of the paper you are copying onto, the machine rotates the original image by 90 degrees to match it with the copy paper.
  • Copier functions such as Duplex (double side document), Combine, Booklet, and Magazine allow you to save on paper by copying multiple pages onto single sheets in printer.
  • Can copy onto various types of paper such as envelopes.
  • The finisher allows you to sort, staple, and punch holes in your copies.

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