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When the office printer suddenly stops functioning, the workday might come to sudden chaos.

When troubleshooting your office printer we suggest going through the following steps.

What Should You Do If Your Printer Fails?

Step 1: Make Sure You’ve Covered All of Your plug

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First Double-check that your printer is plugged in and turned on, and that your computer (or whatever device you’re trying to print from) is connected to it properly. Although it may look simple, simple things are usually ignored.

Step 2: Check the paper

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Check the printer’s paper tray to make sure it’s not empty, and the printer feed to make sure there are no any paper jams.

Step 3: Check the Ink or Toner Cartridges

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When your printer’s ink or toner levels are low, it will most likely send a notification to your computer. You can also check the ink and toner levels on the printer itself.

Step 4: Double-check that your printer drivers are up to date.

Try updating your printer drivers if none of the above issues are keeping your printer from printing. It’s possible that an out-of-date driver is preventing you from printing.

Step 5: Run the Printer Troubleshooter on your computer.

If you’re using Windows 10, use these steps to get to the printer troubleshooter:

How to Troubleshoot WiFi (Wireless) Printers

Click Start
Search for “Devices and Printers
If your printer is listed in the Devices and Printers window, right click your printer and select “Troubleshoot

If your printer isn’t listed in the list of devices, you’ll need to add it. To do this, click Start, search for Devices, and then click “Printers and Scanners”. Click the “Add a Printer or Scanner” option.

To reset the printing system on a Mac, perform these steps:

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Choose Apple menu
Choose System Preferences and then select “Printers & Scanners
Click anywhere in the list of devices while holding down the Control key on your keyboard.
Choose “Reset Printing System” from the menu that appears
All printers and scanners, as well as print jobs and settings, are removed. After resetting the print system, you’ll need to reinstall the printer devices.

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