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Here are a few tips that will save you lots of time when typing documents:

Typing Tips by bizcopier
Typing Tips by bizcopier
  • Instead of doing it manually, press CTRL+Left Arrow to quickly move the pointer to the beginning of the previous word.

  • Use CTRL+Right Arrow to move the pointer to the start of the next word.

  • ALT+Backspace can be used to recover a deleted item.

  • By hitting CTRL+Backspace, you may delete a whole word.

  • By double-clicking on a word you wish to highlight rapidly and without dragging the cursor, you can highlight it without dragging the mouse.

  • By triple-clicking on a paragraph, you can make it highlighted.

  • By pressing CTRL + = for subscript and CTRL+ Shift for superscript, you may create superscript and subscript text.

  • After copying, press CTRL + Shift + V to paste in plain text rather than the prepared content.

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