Typically, a photocopier contract charges you a fixed monthly fee plus an extra fee for any additional page printed over the predetermined limit. This is because the more frequently a copier is used, the more consumables and maintenance it will require when compared with a copier that is not used as often.

Just like a mobile phone contract, there is usually a wide range of price plans to select from, from plans with low monthly fees, low copy limits, and higher costs per extra page; to plans with very high monthly fees and unlimited copier use.

A good service contract will have a pre-agreed time of response in which the supplier has to send out a technician to fix the copier if it is broken. The time frame for response is typically the same days or just a few hours later if it is reported within a certain timeframe.

The contracts will also clearly state who is to pay for parts and labour, and in what conditions they should pay. Depending on who owns the photocopier, this will differ significantly and so it should be carefully thought about in advance before buying a copier.

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