Here are five things to think about when creating your checklist.

1) – Can the photocopier your business is considering handle the capacity needed?

Photocopiers in the form of multi-function printers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Many are geared toward the home market. Examine the stated capacity carefully and compare it to the workload of your company.

2) – How important is quality of scanning and printing?

Many of the most recent photocopiers use advanced print technologies that were previously only seen in high-end printers. Before making a decision, check at print and scanned output samples if feasible. Many vendors now provide the option of sending samples by postal mail.

3) – Is fax capability needed?

Fax is far from a defunct communication channel, with many huge corporations still requiring it. Consider the MFP’s fax functionality, which today is likely to use both the cloud and direct dial to another fax machine.

4) – Will your company need to manage sensitive information?

PIN codes or passwords should be used to control access to photocopier functionalities. To maintain data security, ensure that the MFP only prints the necessary copies. Consider whether the USB port should be disabled to reduce danger.

5) – Does your business require remote printing?

With the development of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), printing from mobile devices has become quick and easy. Examine the apps that will use the photocopier carefully to ensure that they connect safely. An MFP can be a low-cost asset around which a company can develop its workflow.

With digital copiers now available in a variety of configurations, it is vital to examine your company’s demands and match them to the appropriate one.

What is the price of a digital copier?

The cost of purchasing consumables – toner or ink, but also paper, drum, transfer/fuser kit – plus the cost of warranty plans or after-sales services – can dwarf the cost of purchasing a printer. And, because one copier is likely to be entrenched inside a group in an office or a firm, downtime can be costly and counterproductive.

Enlisting the assistance of a managed print service provider (MPS) can simplify the complexities connected with operating a copier, especially in larger firms, because they handle the printer’s lifecycle, including disposal at the end of life. Like a car lease, you normally do not own the printer after the lease term (up to five years) and must pay a fixed fee plus an agreed-upon cost each page.

The best digital copiers

Based on the manufacturer specifications sheet and the suggested retail price at the time of writing, the top ten digital copiers for small and medium-sized organisations and firms with fewer than 1,000 employees are listed below.

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21022023-Aiman-mpc 3503 & 5503 BELI- slider
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21022023-Aiman-mpc 3504 & 5504 BELI- slider
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