Only a small percentage of the millions of printer cartridges used in the United Kingdom each year get recycled. The remainder wind up in landfills, contributing to the vast volume of plastic garbage generated in the United States each year.


For users who want to recycle their old cartridges, OKI offers two options: a freepost service and a recycling bucket programme. The latter is especially handy for large offices that utilise a lot of OKI cartridges.


Lexmark provides recycling services for both cartridges and other consumables, as well as printers and multifunction devices, making it ideal for companies wishing to dispose of all end-of-life items in a socially responsible manner. Lexmark’s recycling page also highlights how the corporation completes all of its endeavours with the environment in mind.


Canon has been running printer cartridge recycling programmes for almost 25 years. In an effort to make everything electronic, the Canon recycling portal enables customers to print recycling labels immediately. Canon provides multiple recycling options for inkjet and laserjet prints, and both cartridge types are supported.

The Recycling Factory

When you use the Recycling Factory’s services, you may be able to make some money from your old and used printer cartridges. The Recycling Factory works together with corporations, schools, and charities, as well as individual and home customers, and offers recycling solutions for both inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

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