Companies all over the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their data and information in the era of cloud computing and digital business. Every business has an IT department that works to protect computers from viruses and provide safe connections for employees who use tablets and smartphones to remotely access applications. However, the security concerns do not end here.

Have you considered the possibility of a security structure flaw in your office copy machine?According to Digital Copier Security’s John Juntunen:

Since 2002, almost every digital copier has a hard drive. It stores an image of every document that is scanned, copied, or emailed by the machine, just like your personal computer does.
So, what are the most important aspects of copy machine hard drives to know?In addition, do these hard drives for copy machines pose any security threats to your company?

Basics of Copy Machine Hard Drives copy_machine_hard_driveMost of the time, copy machine hard drives can be found on devices that are used in the majority of offices and copy centers. These devices require multifunction applications, can handle a lot of work, and are shared by many people. Hard drives are now included in copy machines as a result of this. The hard drive permits a copier to fulfill its multifunction needs and stay up with the duplicate, print, fax and output projects it is approached to finish.

A copy machine hard drive, for instance, enables one machine to handle a print job at the same time as another employee stands at the machine to make a copy. Additionally, projects can be stored in queue by multiple users on the hard drive. The hard drive can store information on upcoming print, fax, or copy jobs and automatically start them when a previous job is finished, even if one employee is working on a print job
The data on a copy machine hard drive should theoretically last until one of two things happens. First, when the hard drive reaches its storage limit, older data will be overwritten. Unless it is physically destroyed or manually erased using a software program, any data that is not overwritten will remain on it indefinitely.

POTENTIAL SECURITY RISKS AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM An increasing number of wirelessly connected copy machines in office buildings and copy centers necessitate the availability of security software to guard against malicious use. Data encryption, authentication codes, and user access restrictions are all included in the majority of security kits offered by providers and manufacturers.

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