Whether it’s today’s “Print is Dead” headline or the Ghostbusters quotation, you’ve most definitely heard someone predict the end of paper. This isn’t always a new phenomenon. Indeed, in the 1890s, people speculated that in the future, publication will be fully superseded by the use of voice. However, these statements now have a little more heft: digital media is gaining a stronghold in both business and personal life.

Is digital, however, the death of print? Not so quickly.

Digital and Print: The Perfect Partnership

Many pundits see print and digital media as enemies: it’s either one or the other, live or die—the world isn’t big enough for both of them. We believe that print and digital media work exceptionally well together.

Don’t want to buy it? Consider the following. Was it a text message, email, or LinkedIn message when the last person to give you a business card? If you were in a face-to-face networking situation, you would have most likely surpassed a tangible piece of paper. That piece of paper most likely contained the usual information: phone number, address, title, and personal information. Most significantly, a high-quality business card will have your social network handles, e-mail addresses, and website URLs. You’ll lose that tiny piece of paper in less than a week, but you can provide that new connection with a Twitter follow, a LinkedIn add, and a quick follow-up email. When used in tandem, print and digital function well.
So, why is print not extinct? Because digital media isn’t here to replace print; it’s here to complement it.

Why Should You Be Concerned?

What is your equivalent of a business card for potential clients and clients, and is it getting results? Your print advertising strategy is critical, as it must move your client from print to website (or social media) to point of contact—and, perhaps, a sale or connection. As a result, it’s critical that your printed advertising material has a strong impact and inspires action.

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